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Interested in Joining 

Crown Crew?

Here's What You Need to Know

We're called Crown Hair Collaborative because we believe in collaboration.

Whether you join our team as an independent stylist or a commission based employee, you will be fully supported in building your career the way that's best for you. In turn, we expect for you to be equally supportive the rest of the team. 

We're believers that as hairstylists, we're healers. To help support you through being a source of healing to your guests, we've integrated some mindfulness and wellness practices throughout our services. Our salon owner, Jennifer, is here to teach you how to honor your own needs as you build your career as well.

For continuity, we all operate on a gender neutral hourly plus product system whether you are an independent stylist or a commission stylist. 

If the culture we built sounds like something you want to be a part of, read more below and click the buttons to contact us for a meeting!

Can't wait to collaborate with you!
Hair Stylist

Independent Stylists

Ready to be your own boss? 

Here at Crown, you have full access to our color lines, back bar and retail items. You're more than welcome to provide your own combs, brushes, and capes, but you have access to ours as well. We really just want to streamline the transition from hourly or commission based pay to renter and make it as easy and stress free as possible!

click here to set up a meeting and find out our rental rates

Hair Stylist
Hair Stylist

Commission Stylists

Are you...

 fresh out of school ?

a seasoned stylist looking for a new home?

 looking build your clientele until you're ready to rent?

 a stylist that prefers to show up, do your work and leave with out the stress of running a business?

Then you may be a great fit for the Crown Crew

click below to request a meeting and we can discuss your goals and our commission rates

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